Monday, May 17, 2010

I've spent the day looking at the TI tagged object file. The details are in the Editor/Assembler manual. It's a simple, but horrendously wordy format. There are smaller forms, namely the compressed object and memory image formats, but I have no details on those.

I was interested in getting an idea of how to make disk-based programs using the GNU tools, but it looks like I'll have a challenge ahead of me here. If nothing else, I need to get a copy of the E/A cartride, although Extended Basic should work too.

So back to GAS then...

Todo list for GAS changes:
PSEG and friends in addition to ".text" [DONE]
BES directive
$ as current address [DONE]
Labels without ":"
Error if arguments are missing
Treat all after last argument as comment
Allow "*" comment symbol [DONE]

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