Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've completed the last of the GAS changes, so now its back to GCC to make sure its output is TI compliant.

OK, now GCC is complete too. GCC and GAS work well together, all the test programs I've compiled behave as expected. I'm still disappointed that I couldn't modify GAS to be smater about what is a label to allow instructions to be in column one. I'm sure I'll get back to that at some point.

I suppose the next thing to do is try to see how the floppy works in MESS, make a disk image composer, then a ELF to EA3 and EA5 converter. Sounds simple, no?

To start with, MESS prefers V9T9 disk images, this also seems to be the most common format seen in the wild. Seems a good place to start.

Also a good thing to know is that the "flop1" option configures the disk image to use.


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