Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've added new instructions to do byte-to-word conversiion, this will hopefully end the FAKE_Rn register usages which pop up from time-to-time. This will also act as an optimization step, since there was a lot of copies to and from temporary registers during the course of subreg conversions. Unfortunately, these instructions conflict with the extendqihi instructions.

So, an example:

int* reg = (int*)0x8c00;
void a(int c) {*reg = (char)c;}

with extendqihi2:
mov r3, r1
swpb r1
movb r1, r2
sra r2, 8
mov r2, @reg
b *r11

without extendqihi2:
mov r3, r1
sla r1, 8
sra r1, 8
mov r1, @reg
b *r11

I think I can get better code by not using the "extend" instructions. If nothing else, it should make the .md file shorter.

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