Monday, May 31, 2010

Both V9T9 disk image tools are complete. The dump tool has been verified with known-good images, and the image composer has been verified with the TI Disk Manager cartridge. Now I need to make a EA3 and ES5 conversion tools. At that point, I really have no excuse but to do some useful work. I've been taking a huge detour from working on a replacement OS for the TI. Still, these are useful tools.

More helpful notes for later: Apparently, loading files using Editor/Assembler is case-sensitive.

Load a file using a name like "DSK1.PROGRAM"

Well, that was really easy... The first draft of the EA5 converter is done and works. I'm cheating a little bit here, since I'm assuming that the entry point is at the start of the .text section. I should be searching for the location of the "_start" label, but this should work for now.

EA5 images are assumed to load at 0xA000, so modify the makefile accordingly.

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