Saturday, July 11, 2015

I finally got the new laptop working, and I started looking at the compiler crash for wolfie3.c. The problem looks like a bad subreg expression was added very early in the compilation process. Unfortunately, there is no output from the "-da" debug flag describing what that expression might be. I have no choice but to trace the error back from the location indicated by the failed assertion to a point where I can see what went wrong.

wolfie3.c: In function ‘cast_rays’:
wolfie3.c:278: internal compiler error: in subreg_highpart_offset, at emit-rtl.c:1308

The C code at that line looks like this:

#define SCREEN_DISTANCE 3200
unsigned int distance;
int sliceheight = SCREEN_DISTANCE / distance;

I changed all variables to unsigned int, thinking the difference in signedness was the problem. Nope, no change in error.

After adding some extra debug output, I think I found the problem.

EMW>> gen_highpart : (const_int 3200 [0xc80])
EMW>> subreg_highpart_offset : in=0 out=2 diff=-2

Someone is trying to take a subreg of a constant, which has no mode size. As a result, subreg_highpart_offset gets confused and aborts the compilation. Seeing that constant value is encouraging, since that shows I'm on the right track. Since this is a condition which should never happen, it's likely I wrote the code causing this problem. That narrows the scope quite a bit.

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