Monday, August 8, 2011

OK, it's patch time again.

Here's the changes in this release:

Fixed bug with byte initilizers, it was handling negative values wrongly
Fixed multiply bug, it was using the wrong registers
Changed grame pointer from R8 to R9. Frame was being lost
Byte reads from memory were assumed to be copied into register's LSB.
Fixed a problem with AND improperly modifying temp values.
Fixed a bug where R11 was not saved if used as a temp register.
Modified output to use hex values for all constants

I've also packaged up the ELF to EA5 converter and an example program made to run as an EA5 image.

The next thing on my list is to update all the documentation. Everything I've posted so far is still valid, but there are probably holes where some subjects need more information.

I also need to put together a library for the missing 32- but functions (multiply, divide, modulus, shift). These functions are alredy written and tested for the most psrt, so releasing them should be quick and easy.

Finally, I need to make my V9T9 disk tool ready for public consumption. It currently works, and the disk images it creates were used to test the EA5 converter, but it's super hacky at the moment. Once I spruce it up a bit and turn it into a useful tool, I can send it out the door.

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