Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm going through the machine description file, making sure the emitted code is correct. I've yet to act on the earlier notes.

Right now, I'm looking at left shifted byte quantities. The problem here is that I can't just use a single left shift instruction because junk will just be shifted into the low order bits. It looks like I have two options:

Form 1: Mask off lower bits in word mode, then shift:
andi R1, >FF00 14+4 4 bytes
sla R1, N 12+2N 2 bytes
Total: 30+2N 6 bytes

Form 2: Swap bytes, shift, then restore
swpb R0 10 2 bytes
sla R1, N 12+2N 2 bytes
swpb R0 10 2 bytes
Total: 32+2N 6 bytes

Form 1 is slightly faster, and is more correct. The condition flags are left in the proper state. Form 2 would result in random condition flags, since SWPB does not modify flags, and SLA would set the flags based on the random contents of the unused byte. So I'll be using form one for this stuff.

Here's a neat idea I had while looking at the opcodes. I can clear the upper byte by SBing at register with itself. This saves two clocks and two bytes:
sb R0, R0 14 cycles, 2 bytes
andi R0, >00FF 14+2 cycles, 4 bytes

I can't use this right now, but I added the idea here so I wouldn't forget.

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