Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm glad I'm doing these coverage tests, since I've just found another problem with shift operations. Performing "(char)X<<=2" results in this sequence:

sra r1, 8 14+2*8 cycles 2 bytes
sla r1, 2 14+2*2 cycles 2 bytes
swpb r1 10 cycles 2 bytes
Total: 54 cycles, 6 bytes

This has been fixed to match the unsigned shift code:

andi r1, >FF00 14+4 cycles 4 bytes
sla r1, 2 14+2*2 cycles 2 bytes
Total: 36 cycles, 6 bytes

Much better.

There's also a problem with AND, for some reason "a&b" is being converted to:
inv r1
szc r1, r1

The value stored in r2 is lost. It turns out that this instruction is generated by define_split. It converts a single AND to a NOT, AND_NOT sequence. Unfortunately, there was a typo in the extra step. Two of the three intermediate expressions were equivalent. Of course, those were the two passed on to define_insn, resulting in the lost register expression. All fixed now.

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