Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, I've apparently hit the mother lode of horrible broken behavior here. Not only has this printf.c code triggered all the earlier problems, it's also caused an event I was afraid of for a while, but foolishly convinced myself would never happen.

If you remember, way back when I was working on function epilogues, I made a fake PC register and added all the support needed to use it. The fear at the time was what would happen if GCC decideded to use that fake register for something. In all my earlier testing, that never happened, and I convinced myself that things were good and moved on. Sadly, this round of testing has uncovered a case where that fake PC was being used.

I'm not allowed to mark the fake PC as a reserved due to its use in the epilogue. Doing that reservation causes an instant compiler crash. What I can do, however, is prevent GCC from putting that register in the allocation pool. That allows the fake register to be used for the epilogue, but nothing else. This is technically bad form, but given all the contortions needed so far to get the TMS9900 backend working, I'm not losing sleep over anything.

Long story short: the fake PC register can no longer be used for anything except epilogue work.

So now that that's out of the way, let's see if I can fix the fake register usage...

Here's the original C code, which converts larger values to A-F, "a_base" is either "x" or "X":
if(a > '9') a += a_base - '9' - 1;

This is compiled with -O1, which results in horrible code.
The resulting assembly ("a" is stored in the high byte of R13):
mov r13, r4 # Copy "a" to temp
mov r4, r13 # Copy temp back to a (for some reason)
swpb r13 # Copy to "a" to low byte of R13 (wrong setup for cb)
li r4, >39 * 256 # R4 = '9' in high byte
cb FAKE_R4_LOW, r4 # Insn 39. This is wrong for so many reasons...

RTL dumps of this instructions during compilation:
172r.ira: This looks pretty good
(insn 39 81 40 3 printf.c:14 (set (cc0)
(compare (reg/v:QI 26 r13 [orig:62 a ] [62])
(reg:QI 8 r4))) 7 {cmpqi} (nil))

insn 39: replaced reg 26 with 9
--- CLIP ---
(insn 39 81 40 3 printf.c:14 (set (cc0)
(compare (reg:QI 9 FAKE_R4_LOW [orig:62 a ] [62])
(reg:QI 8 r4))) 7 {cmpqi} (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:QI 8 r4)

In 185r.cprop_hardreg, the correct decision to use R13 was changed to use FAKE_R4. Why the heck did that happen?

As part of the 185 step, GCC attempts to reuse parts of old registers to try to eliminate some work. Unfortunately, I was missing a CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS macro which would prevent invalid register use. I think it's OK now, but I'm done for today. Test tomorrow.

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