Sunday, January 2, 2011

Disaster averted. This problem was caused by a bug in the GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS macro. The macro is supposed to check for valid addressing modes, but the problem was that there should be two variants of this macro, one for when it is not known if a pseudoreg is a real register, and one where it is known. I only had one macro, which effectively meant GCC did not care if real registers were ever used. that allowed the memory location to be used in a post-increment setting. All fixed now, back to testing.

Important note for later:

When adding code which depends on using debug options, don't be suprised when things segfault and crash if those options aren't used. I forgot to remove all the test code I put into df-scan.c, which caused mayhem and hours of digging when I started testing with the normal makefiles.

Don't do that again.

I found something disturbingly familiar. Remember the "sra r2, 8", then empty lines and gibberish? It's back. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember what I did to fix that.

Problem text:
movb *r9+, r2
sra r2, 8
--- CLIP ---
mov r2, r2

Problem solved! There was a missing return in the "*movqihisx1" form. This seems to have had the same result as returning an uninitialized pointer. When GCC attempted to dereference it, all the junk was printed. I'll make sure no more of those pop up.

After more testing, I've found a C function which allows fake registers to be emitted into the output while using -O1. I'll need to look at this more closely tomorrow. I don't like the fact that old bugs seem to be popping up lately.

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