Monday, April 26, 2010

The missing epilogue problem was caused by the existance of the "return" pattern. By defining this, the epilogue was not always used. So I removed that pattern, but had a new problem, how to return to the caller at the end of the epilogue. I looked at other archetectures, but found no useful pattern which would work for the TI.

Manually emitting instructions into the output stream did not work, since the outputted instructions did not appear in the right place, and would have resulted in non-functional code. I could not find a good way to make a RTX expression to use the existing branch instructions for the "b *lr" instruction.

What I ended up with was to create a fake hard PC register, and used a special form of "movhi" to emit the return instruction. This seems to work, but I'm concerned what will happen if GCC tries to use the fake PC register for actual work.

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