Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At this point, I think I've got instruction generation pretty much complete. There is still some ugliness when converting between words and bytes, but in order to get better code, I would need a lot of peepholes. I'm not prepareed to do that level of effort right now. Pretty good results can be had by writing optimization-friendly C code. For example, demote data values as early as possible, promote as late as possible. In a lot of cases, I cannot make better assembly by hand than what GCC outputs. I've been suprised by how good the output looks.

I still want to confirm that the stack is used correctly, I haven't checked that for a while. I also want to ensure that the assembler can use standard TI conventions. Also, the GCC code needs to be cleaned up, since it's currently full of debug code and commented-out experiments.

I also need to get a real blog together, since I have a full GNU toolchain working that other people may be interensted in.

By the way, I've successfullly compiled and tested a "hello world" C program. I'm happy with how easy it was to put together, but there is still something going on when "main" is invoked. GCC wants to add a call to "__main" at the start of "main". I'm not sure why this is.

Other things I've been looking into is the ea5 disk format. I'd like to have a tool to convert an ELF file to either a cart or disk format as desired. Also, right now the GROM cart header must be added by special assembly code. This is OK, but I would rather have a tool to add this.

Oh, I also need to get the condition register updates added to the machine description file.

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