Friday, June 5, 2015

I've been spending some time thinking about the SWPB problem, and I think the only thing left to try is to add a new compilation pass before register assignment to fix these problem instructions. I've tried to avoid this, since it is very intrusive. Unfortunately, I can't think of a better method, and to be honest everything else I've tried has failed. OK, let's do it.

So I've got the framework of a new compilation pass in place, and it seems to be called where I wanted it in the compile process. This was placed between the pass checking for assembly constraints and the pass handling register assignment, which should be the right place. Unfortunately, this has increased the debug ID numbers of some nearby passes. This is kind of annoying, but not really a problem. For example, *172.ira is now *.173.ira.

OK, I got the new compilation pass done. So far it seems to work. Libgcc can be built without errors, and a test program known to require an additional SWPB instruction works as well. At this point I think I just need to do some cleanup and a little more testing. After that I can do a release. Finally.

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