Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So for the past few days I've been working on libgcc, making sure the compiler covers all instructions up to 32-bit operations.

Missing operations:

Count leading zero bits
__ctzsi2,__ctzhi2, __ctzqi2

Count trailing zero bits
__clzsi2,__clzhi2, __clzqi2

Find index of least significant bit
__ffssi2,__ffshi2, __ffsqi2

Return one if an even number of bits set
__paritysi2, __parityhi2, __parityqi2

Return number of set bits
__popcountsi2, __popcounthi2, __popcountqi

Signed division of 32-bit values

Unsigned division of 32-bit values

Calculate modulus of 32-bit values

Calculate unsigned modulus of 32-bit values

Do both division and modulus calculations

Do both unsigned division and modulus calculations

Multiply 32-bit values

For now, the trapped arithmetic instructions will be implemented using the default code. These functions call "abort" when there is an overflow condition, and are only needed in rare cases. The TMS9900 updates an overflow flag which we can use for this, but we can do that work later.

The other routines in libgcc are for floating-point and fixed-point math, odds are they are too big to really use. But again, I can fix that later.

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