Monday, April 30, 2012

For the past couple of days I've been fighting with the compiler to try to get a working MULHI3 pattern. This is a 16-bit multiply with a 16-bit result. I already have a working multiply pattern, but it's awfully fiddly, and it's more complicated than I think it should be. In addition to all that, Lucien has a bug which shows up because of the missing MULHI3 pattern.

To make this work, I've been playing with using "define_expand" instead of "define_insn" in the machine description file. These are pretty similar, but I can have more control over temporary variables by using "define_expand". This allows more of the work I was doing in the existing multiply pattern to be pushed out into RTL expressions. At that point, GCC can automatically handle the special cases I was previously using brute force to handle. Most importantly, I won't have to be concernend about adding a bunch of superfluous MOVs or XORs to make everything work. GCC will just conveniently pick registers to make everything work without all that junk.

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