Thursday, March 15, 2012

Posted on AtariAge:

Well, after a really long time without any signs of life from this project, it's patch time.

A big "thank you" goes out to Lucien. A lot of the updates here are a direct result of the effort he put into making Rush Hour. He did a great job wading through all the brokenness to make a functional game. Now it's time for everyone to benefit from that work.

New Binutils fixes in this release:

STST was incorrectly looking for two arguments
SBO, SBZ and TB incorrectly using constants
EQU'ed symbols sometimes replaced using wrong endianness

GCC fixes:

Fixed several word-to-byte conversion errors
Fixed "unrecognizable instruction" for zero comparison operations
Made optimizations for most comparison operations
Improved correctness of condition flag handling
Switch statements now work properly
Fixed divison and modulus, operands were used in wrong order
Fixed subtract, operands were occasionally used in wrong order
Fixed stack frame corruption when local variables are in use
Added optimizations for forms like (int Y)=((int)(char X))<
The patch and build procedures are the same as always. Development notes are on my blog for those who are interested.

Things are shaping up pretty well so far. (Yes it is taking forever, sorry about that.) I don't see any obvious holes to fill, or optimizations yet to do. At this point, I just need to exercize the compiler with larger programs and increase test coverage. If anyone finds a problem, or sees an area where improvements can be made, please let me know.

I'm continuing to work on related projects (disk management tool, libc library, documentation). There's still lots to do, so these updates will keep coming

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