Friday, July 22, 2011

I thought I should write a "hello world" framework for anyone who wanted to use a working model as a starting point. That was apparently a good idea. I found a heck of a tricky bug to nail down. When performing a bytewise comparison with zero, the following instruction was generated:

mov *r2+, *r2+

This is incrementing the pointer twice. In this case, the comparison was used to find a null terminator for a string. The extra increment caused the terminator to be skipped, and the calculated length was nonsensical.

Fixed by using a temp register for the second argument. This is an optimization I was considering for a while. didn't fix 32-bit stuff yet.

This problem was also caused by not keeping a strict distinction between *Rn and *Rn+. If this isn't caught in instructions which use a repeated operand, like the one above, we will have some nasty side-effects.

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