Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today I got printf using a real format string. Right now it oly handles "%", "x" and "X", but that's not bad. Now that the format parser is in place, I can expand it using the other formats.

For now, I think I'll ignore printf's return value. It's supposed to return the number of bytes written, which isn't too bad, I just want to keep my job simple for a while first. Right now printf only takes up about 200 bytes, which isn't great, but that's from the compiler. Hand-optimizaton can improve that a bit. But that's for later.

More GCC stuff:
I found a bug in subhi3, it needs to handle arbitrary constants, like "ai r0, -5". That's been fixed.

Another bug was found in char-to-int casting. I get "sra r2, 8", then several dozen empty lines, then gibberish control codes. Not good. I'll fix that tomorrow.

It also looks like bit shifting is not in the list of GCC-recognized operations that modify the conition flags. Check and fix tomorrow

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