Sunday, November 14, 2010

The INC-type comprisons have been made and tested. I looked into getting JNO working, and found a good template in the Sparc archetecture. I decided against doing anything about that right now. I need to get a patch out now. New features can wait a bit.

I decided to run a test to make sure that everything was working before making patches, and I'm glad I did. Apparently, I made changes to GAS a while ago to allow TI-style constants. In the process, I broke processing for all other types of constants. The resulting binaries were unusable, and caused crashes and resets. Thst's been fixed, and all my testing looks OK, so I'm off to make patches.

More problems. The scripts I thought I had to make patches, are not complete. Even worse, I don't remember what the missing pieces were. That means I need to start over from scratch. Poop.

I also need to keep the blog site up-to-date and advertise it in an AtariAge sig. Not really necessary, but someone might be interested.

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