Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've just finished the updated string constant handling in GAS, it's now TI compliant, and looks pretty good. Of course, more testing is required. So now, it's time to get the compiler optimizations in.

So here's what I've got:

These all assume compared register will be dead
Compare to 2: dect G (10 cycles)
Compare to 1: dec G (10 cycles)
Compare to 0: abs G (12/14 cycles)
Compare to -1: inc G (10 cycles)
Compare to -2: inct G (10 cycles)

I could use neg (12 cycles), and inverted comparisons.

c *r1+, *r2+ to increment two registers at the same time. Hard to make a test for this...

A<0 : inv A; jgt
A<=0: << no optimization >>
A==0: neg A; jeq
A!=0: neg A; jne
A>0 : neg A; jlt
A>=0: inv A; jlt

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